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Welcome to the Ookpik Animation Studios web site! We hope you enjoy viewing some of the graphics, photographs and animations on the following pages. If you are interested in producing your own 3d animations, take a look at the Tutorials section for some introductory level lessons intended for users of Martin Hash's Animation:Master, the primary 3d application used at Ookpik Studios.

Interested in having Ookpik Animation Studios produce a 3d animation for you? We can create custom animations for the web, multimedia CD-ROMs, television advertisements, etc. (We'll do animations for radio ads, too, but for some reason nobody ever asks!) ...If the truth must be known, however, "Ookpik Animation Studios" is really just one person - me - David Fontes (along with a few imaginary friends), so if you really want something done, your best bet is to contract with my employer, MMI Inc, web design and multimedia specialists. You will then receive the benefits of an entire organization of creative minds working on your project, and it is more likely to be completed in a timely fashion. Examples of multimedia and web design work done by MMI can be viewed on their web site. On occasion, I may be able to accept contract work myself (contingent upon approval by MMI Inc.). I have a particular soft spot in my heart for non-profit environmental organizations, so if you happen to be from one of those you might try contacting me directly at the email address below.


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